New Find: X Lovers Impress With “Colder When It Rains”

Mike Wass | May 8, 2019 2:34 pm
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X Lovers, a duo comprised of Jake and London, got my full attention with “Colder When It Rains.” The 21-year-olds have crafted a gloomy little pop oddity that manages to be infuriatingly catchy despite (or perhaps, because of) its DIY roughness. “I feel colder when it rains outside, so I’m hoping you could be the sun,” London croons over Jack’s fuzzy, yet intricate production. “I’d do everything to make you mine, yeah just for you to be the one.” That leads the concise chorus. “It’s been so long, please come home, I miss you.”

“Colder When It Rains” has racked up close to half a million streams in less than a week. That’s a very encouraging statistic for a newly-signed band. X Lovers also rolled out a video for their debut single. “Made this vid in 1.5 hours after flying all night,” the newcomers wrote on Instagram. “Hope you love it!” As with their music, the video has a DIY aesthetic that lends it a sense of authenticity — like you’re watching an unusually elaborate Instagram story. Discover RCA’s latest signing below.

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