Trisha Yearwood’s Country Career Led Her Straight To The Kitchen

Nadine Blanco | May 10, 2019 10:02 am

When people hear the name “Trisha Yearwood,” their minds will either go to country music or the Food Network. These days, Yearwood is recognized for her Emmy-award winning show Trisha’s Southern Cooking and it’s so successful that it’s easy to forget her outstanding career as a country superstar.

For much of her life, Patricia Yearwood was set on making it as a singer, achieving that and more throughout the ’90s. But after two divorces, the multi-platinum selling artist veered down a path that no one would’ve expected (and it started way before the Food Network offered her a show!). Read on to see how it all unfolded.

She Wanted To Sing, But Got An Education First

trisha yearwood high school graduation

Growing up in Georgia, Trisha Yearwood was “obsessed” with music. “I thought, at 15 years old, I should go and get a record deal and drop out of school, and my parents would have had none of that,” she said during a Q&A at the Country Music Hall of Fame.

Indeed, Yearwood graduated high school and started working towards a business degree at University of Georgia. Miserable in the field, she transferred to Belmont University in Nashville, Tenessee. “I felt like this was the place where the music I wanted to make was being made,” she said.