AJ Mitchell & Nina Nesbitt Unite On teamwork.’s “After Hours”

Mike Wass | May 10, 2019 5:19 pm
AJ Mitchell's 'All My Friends'
The breakout star shows real potential on new single, 'All My Friends.'

On his last single, viral hit “All My Friends,” AJ Mitchell sang about the search for a meaningful connection. The 17-year-old has a very goal in his mind this time around. “After Hours” is a sexy, summery banger about a no-strings booty call. Produced by teamwork. and also featuring Nina Nesbitt, this could be a breakthrough hit for all involved. “I’m sick of falling just to end up hurting,” Nina begins the song. “I just wanna have some fun.” And that involves late-night drunk dialing.

“I call at 2 AM, and you’ll be answering,” she purrs. “It’s the two of us, don’t need no daylight.” AJ echoes that sentiment on his verse. “We got the same intentions, you and I,” he croons. “We can skip the small talk, put your skin on mine.” They come together for the instantly catchy chorus. “Baby can we just keep it after hours? When the bar is closed and you’re alone is when I come around.” Watch the suitably sexy video, which finds the collaborators posing behind steamy glass, below.

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