Future Hit: Kina & Snøw’s Spotify-Conquering “Get You The Moon”

Mike Wass | May 14, 2019 3:38 pm
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19-year-old Italian producer Kina has a streaming sensation on his hands with “Get You The Moon.” The moody chill-pop anthem, which was first released back in 2018, has already amassed 65 million streams on Spotify and proven even more popular on YouTube (cumulative views are closing in on 100 million). Those kind of numbers were always going to attract the attention of a major label and Kina recently signed to Columbia Records. What’s the appeal? Well, for starters, “Get You The Moon” wears its heart on its sleeve.

“You gave me a shoulder when I needed it, you showed me love when I wasn’t feeling it,” featured vocalist Snøw sings over sparse guitar. “You helped me fight when I was giving in and you made me laugh when I was losing it.” The mellow beats kick in half way through the chorus. “‘Cause you are (you are) the reason why I’m still hanging on, ’cause you are (you are) the reason why my head is still above water,” he croons. “And if I could I’d get you the moon and give it to you.” It’s equal parts sad, romantic and oddly relaxing. Listen to your new favorite chill-out song below.

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