Groovy! Adam Lambert Introduces 4th LP ‘Velvet’ With “New Eyes”

Mike Nied | May 15, 2019 1:28 am

And he’s back! Today (May 15) Adam Lambert kickstarted a new era with the release of “New Eyes.” The hitmaker has been alluding to the sonic direction of his fourth studio album (titled Velvet, by the way) for a while now. In an interview with Schon! last November, he said he’d been inspired by glam and classic rock from the ’70s and ’80s. That really comes across on the lead single. Written alongside Paris Carney and Jamie Sierota, it is a groovy delight with a loved-up message. However, it opens with gray skies. “Rainy nights, I’ve known for a while. Getting away from myself again, I was alive but empty inside,” he admits.

Thankfully, someone comes along to help him see more clearly. “No, I really wasn’t seeing all the things I should see. Damn, I was getting jaded ’til the day you looked at me,” Adam admits. And his gratitude bubbles over on the instantly memorable chorus. “I’d be so blind without your new eyes.” The video, which also premiered tonight, perfectly captures the song’s vibe. Directed by Miles & AJ, it boasts some seriously retro stylings and a psychedelic story-line that we’ll likely see more of over the course of this era. The video did end with a promise of “to be continued” after all.

All things considered, “New Eyes” has me very excited to hear everything else Adam has on the way. And it looks like the single is going to get a solid promotional push. The 37-year-old is booked to perform it for the first time during the season finale of American Idol this Sunday (May 19). Hopefully that helps him make a strong impression on the charts. While we wait to see him onstage, familiarize yourself with the song below.

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