Cover Girl! Kim Petras Stuns In ‘Galore,’ Talks New Sound

Mike Nied | May 15, 2019 12:49 pm

We really do not deserve Kim Petras at this point. The generous diva is without a doubt one of the busiest people on the planet right now. For the last month, she’s graced us with a new song every week. She launched a new era with the unveiling of “Broken” and is as fresh as ever four weeks later on “Sweet Spot.” But that’s not all. The earth angel is also gearing up to hit the road on her mostly sold out Broken Tour, and she is serving serious ferocity in a series of photoshoots. Last week she posed for ATKODE magazine. And this week she is, if possible, even more dazzling in Galore.

Posing for Thom Kerr, the 26-year-old delivers supermodel vibes in every frame. And the “WOO-AH!” license plate that pops up in several of the pics is a stroke of genius. In an accompanying interview, Kim opened up about how her current releases differ from the massive anthems of the last two years. While those were tailored so they could “play in any gay club at anytime” (seriously, goal achieved), her latest content serves as a deeper introduction to the rising star as a person. “[The new music] is just a true representation of who I am and what it’s like to hang out with me rather than the club version of me, which is cool.”

Scroll through a gallery of photos from the shoot up top, check out the rest of the feature for even more details here and revisit “Sweet Spot” below.

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