Tom Walker Shares His Gran’s Life Lessons On “All That Matters”

Mike Wass | May 16, 2019 3:04 pm
Tom Walker Interview
Tom Walker tells us about his chart-topping debut LP 'What A Time To Be Alive.'

Tom Walker is having a pretty good 2019. His debut LP, What A Time To Be Alive, debuted at number one in the UK and he has another huge hit on his hands with “You & I.” The 27-year-old also found the time to pen a new song based on a conversation he had with his grandmother, Sadie. “Last year, me and my gran shared a bottle of wine and spent an evening chatting and catching up,” the Brit reveals. “No telly, no music, no distractions, it was just reminiscing about all the good times—and the bad.”

“A couple of weeks later, I sat down, and we wrote this based on the wealth of wisdom, knowledge and all the stories my gran told me about her life,” Tom continues. “It’s one of the most honest songs I’ve ever written. I still struggle not to shed a tear when singing the second verse.” You should probably get ready to shed a tear or two as well. “All That Matters” is an emotional sucker punch brimming with homespun wisdom. “Love is all that matters in the end, can’t spend your money when you’re dead,” he sings over acoustic guitar. “Can’t live this life again, yeah it’s messed up but we got love.” Listen below.

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