Adam Lambert Poses For ‘Hunger,’ Talks “New Eyes” & ‘Velvet’

Mike Wass | May 21, 2019 12:34 pm
Adam Lambert's Groovy 'New Eyes'
Adam introduces his 4th LP with a '70s-inspired rock track called 'New Eyes.'

Adam Lambert strikes a pose for Hunger magazine, serving (slightly sinister) supermodel in a series of pics taken by famed photographer Rankin. The pop star also opens up about his ’70s rock-inspired new single, “New Eyes,” in the accompanying interview. “I chose this song [as lead single] because of the message and the mood,” the 37-year-old begins. “It’s a romantic song about needing someone who you are so inspired by, you see the whole world differently through their eyes.”

It sets the tone for his much-anticipated 4th LP, Velvet. “I look back on the last 10 years and in the past I’ve been confident but a lot more apprehensive when bringing out an album, but this time I’m just relieved and really calm about it,” Adam muses. “I believe in the music so much, I feel like I’ve followed my instincts and my intuition more than I ever have. Overall the album has more of an organic feel and you can hear all the instruments in it… it’s not dependent on computerized sounds, there’s a lot more instruments going on.”

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