Kim Petras’ Winning Streak Continues With “All I Do Is Cry”

Mike Wass | May 23, 2019 12:39 pm
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Kim Petras can do no wrong. The German pop diva churns out songs at an alarming rate, but — somehow — they all happen to be very, very good. Take the just-released “All I Do Is Cry.” Perhaps best described as a mid-tempo trap ballad, the feel-bad anthem finds the 26-year-old opening her heart. “I need you more than air, I see you everywhere,” she belts in the opening verse. “Nobody else compares, I don’t go anywhere.” That’s when the trap beats kick in (courtesy of Aaron Jospeh and Dr. Luke) and things get really emotional.

“All I do is cry about you, I don’t wanna die without you,” Kim sings on the chorus. “Thought that you were the exception, took a fatal blow to my heart.” At this point, the breakout star’s debut LP (or perhaps another EP) is shaping up to be something special. “All I Do Is Cry” is the fifth song to be released from the much-anticipated project following “Got My Number,” “Blow It All,” “Broken” and “Sweet Spot.” Grab a tissue, send some texts you’ll regret and listen to Kim’s latest below.

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