Emeli Sandé Contributes “Extraordinary Being” To ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’

Mike Wass | May 23, 2019 3:11 pm
Emeli Sandé Returns With 'Sparrow'
She's back! The UK superstar spreads hope on soaring new single, 'Sparrow.'

Emeli Sandé switches it up on “Extraordinary Being.” The second cut from REAL LIFE (due June 21) showcases the Brit’s trademark knack for writing empowering lyrics, while pushing her in a new direction musically. Namely, disco. “You are what God imagined, you are a true perfection,” she sings over sparse piano chords and a funky guitar line, “Baby, you’re made of stars, don’t let nobody tell you different.” The song reaches its disco zenith when the strings arrive for the chorus: “You gotta know that you’re an extraordinary being.”

“[The song] is about exposing the lie that we are ordinary,” Emeli explains. “We are extraordinary. It is about reminding people of their innate greatness which exists in everyone. The extraordinary is not just for some people, it is for all of us. I hope the lyrics will help those lacking in confidence to be reminded of their super powers.” The song’s subject matter also made it a natural for the new X-Men movie. “Fox approached me about collaborating with them on a song for X-Men: Dark Phoenix,” the “Sparrow” singer explains.

“I already had ‘Extraordinary Being’ in the works, and when I saw the film was blown away at how the lyrics of the song matched the journey of the lead character. It really felt like the perfect fit!” From the video clip, which incorporates scenes from the movie, it’s hard to disagree.

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