PRETTYMUCH Gets Things Very Right On ‘Phases,’ Listen Here

Mike Nied | May 24, 2019 1:10 pm

UPDATE: PRETTYMUCH dropped a video for “Gone 2 Long.” Give it a view below.

PRETTYMUCH did it again. Since debuting with their retro-inspired “Would You Mind” back in 2017, the quintet has consistently been one of the most reliable boy bands on the scene. And their impressive hot streak continues today (May 24) with the release of their new EP Phases. Comprised of 6 songs, the tracklist only includes one we’re already familiar with. That would be the romantic title track. The rest of the material is all new, and each song highlights the group’s musical prowess.

Lushly produced and written by member Brandon Arreaga, “Gone 2 Long” emerges as an instant highlight. On it, the guys open up about the strain of a long distance relationship. The end result is an aural gem built around a soaring chorus. “Promise me you won’t be gone too long, my dear,” they croon. “Promise me you won’t belong anywhere else but here, with me.” Matters of the heart serve as inspiration for the entirety of the collection. The very catchy “Eyes Off You” exists as another loved-up example.

“There’s no touch or feeling, pleasure or pain. Anything like the way you runnin’ through my veins,” they declare. This one lingers in your head after only one listen. Next up, “Temporary Heart” changes the mood very quickly. Here PRETTYYMUCH pick up the pieces after a breakup. But instead of moving on, they make a plea for a little more time with the ex that did them wrong. They return to a more romantic frame of mind on “4U.” Comparing the strength of a partner’s love to a tidal wave, the bop is another slickly produced high point.

“One Shot” closes out the EP. And this one recaptures the vibes of the title track. On it, they plead for a potential partner to put some faith in their relationship. “Just give me one shot. With all my speed, I’ll give you one heart,” they sing. How do you say no to that? Cohesive and containing several potentially massive hits, Phases nets the rising stars another win. Not only that, but it could very easily take them to the next level. Press play on the latest from Austin Porter, Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Nick Mara and Zion Kuwonu below.

Phases EP

“Gone 2 Long” Video

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