Carlie Hanson’s ‘JUNK’ EP Takes Shape With New Song “WYA”

Mike Nied | May 24, 2019 3:41 pm

Carlie Hanson offers up a second taste of her debut EP JUNK with the release of her new single “WYA.” And if the first two tracks are anything to go by, the collection’s title is far from indicative of its quality. The talented 19-year-old launched her new era with “Back In My Arms” last month. Since then it amassed nearly 2 million Spotify streams and attracted attention from the likes of Taylor Swift. Out today (May 24), her latest deserves just as much acclaim. “She grew up, always tried to fit in. Hometown started feeling like a prison. So obsessed with everything she isn’t. Brainwashed by a television,” she sings on the opening lines.

Everything builds up to the chorus. “Are you happy right now where you at, girl? Do you still get drunk when you’re sad, girl? Did you finally find love in this mad world,” she asks. And her questions continue. “Did you grow up a little too fast, girl? ‘Cause if you did, you can always go back, girl.” Carlie opened up about the song’s purpose in a press release. “It’s a letter to my future self – full of anticipation and also some nervous energy,” she explained. Based on some posts on Instagram, it looks like she also shot an accompanying video in her hometown. If it is anything like the one she dropped for “Back In My Arms,” it is guaranteed to be yet another win.

While we wait to see, press play on “WYA” below.

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