JP Cooper & Astrid S’ “Sing It With Me” Video Is A ’90s Love Story

Mike Wass | May 30, 2019 3:18 pm
Astrid S' Emotional 'The First One'
The Norwegian pop star opens her heart on new single, 'The First One.'

JP Cooper is best known for his soul-searching, singer/songwriter fare. Which makes the upbeat, sing-along “Sing It With Me” something of an outlier in his discography. The summery track features Norwegian pop star Astrid S and has the kind of chorus that lodges in your brain on the first listen and simply refuses to leave. All it needed was a feel-good video and JP dutifully complies with a ’90s-referencing love story. “I love ’90s American indie films like Slacker, Rushmore and Napoleon Dynamite so the fact that it nods to that era… is great,” he says.

“We filmed it in Estonia with a brief for the location and the characters to all have a slight Wes Anderson feel, which I think the production company nailed.” It goes without saying that the Brit is very happy with the final result. “I’m usually quite nervous about making music videos,” JP admits. “This is the first one of mine that I’ve watched back and smiled all the way through.” You will do the same after watching a simple cassette tape cause chaos in a small, lovestruck town. Watch the action unfold below.

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