Review: Miley Cyrus’s ‘SHE IS COMING’

Mike Nied | May 31, 2019 12:19 am

She’s here! Miley Cyrus joins this week’s very crowded New Music Friday to roll out her EP – SHE IS COMING. Today (May 31) is all about pop’s leading ladies. With tunes from the likes of Katy Perry, Bebe Rexha, Tove Lo, Rita Ora, Charli XCX and Camila Cabello, we’re in for a star-studded lineup. But there’s no doubt that the 26-year-old’s eclectic collection will stand out. Short and sweet but brimming with attitude (and, apparently, “Cattitude”), it pushes her in yet another new and unexpected direction. Comprised of 6 tracks, it clocks in under 20 minutes. And she makes almost every one of them count.

She launches the project with an instant win in the form of “Mother’s Daughter.” The anthemic opener boasts a strong message and attributes some of the diva’s drive to her mom Tish Cyrus. “Don’t fuck with my freedom. I came back to get me some. I’m nasty, I’m evil,” she growls on the chorus. “Must be something in the water, or that I’m my mother’s daughter.” And those unapologetic vibes carry over to “Unholy.” On it, Miley reminds her most fervid naysayers that no one is without fault. “I’m a little bit unholy. So what? So is everyone else.” Preach. She gets a little more contemplative on “D.R.E.A.M.,” which stands for “drugs rule everything around me.”

After a vibe-killing guest verse from Ghostface Killah, the EP moves into its most glaring stumble. That would be “Cattitude.” The raunchy riot sees Miley and duet partner RuPaul rapping over a feisty beat. Sonically, it plays close to “SMS (Bangerz)” but doesn’t come together as nicely. Some of the lyrics – “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi,” for example – are already sparking fiery chats on Stan Twitter. But it still feels a little too messy. This leads into the most effective collaboration – “Party Up The Street.” Miley and Swae Lee’s reverberating voices come together very nicely over a lush production courtesy of Mike WiLL Made-It and PLUSS.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the newlywed closes out SHE IS COMING with a love song called “The Most.” This one comes the closest to the earthy sonics of 2017’s Younger Now. And it is a gorgeous tribute to a relationship that works against all odds. “I don’t know why you still believe in me,” Miley muses on an early verse. But the chorus brightens even the moodiest of moments. “Even in my darkest days, you love me the most. And even when I can’t stay, even when I run away, you love me the most.” It’s a lovely and mature moment that captures the highs and lows of a relationship and surely warrants being released as a single in the coming weeks.

In all, SHE IS COMING serves as a fun but brief project that will leave you wanting even more from Miley. And that’s certainly enough to net the hitmaker yet another win.

Score: 3.5/5

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