Christina Aguilera Covers The ‘Galore’ Icon Issue, Talks ‘The Xperience’

Mike Nied | May 31, 2019 10:25 am

Christina Aguilera is being exceptionally generous this week. Tonight (May 31), the living legend launches her Vegas residency The Xperience in Planet Hollywood’s Zappos Theater. But before then she graced us with a new photoshoot for Galore magazine. Covering the publication’s Icon issue, she exudes fabulosity in every single frame. And she also delivers a multitude of looks. Posing for Ellen Von Unwerth, she is a disco-chic diva in some photos and puts a spin on the assless chaps of her “Dirrty” days in others. Truly, there isn’t a single bad photo in the mix. Legends only.

She also shared some insight into what to expect at The Xperience. “I think the show creatively is about exploration. I didn’t wanna do it where it’s just a concert where you see me perform,” Xtina explained. What does that mean? “I didn’t wanna do it like a regular show or the concept of going to see someone and not being a participant of the show.” She also opened up about the crystal mask she wore in some of her recent promotional photos. “Whatever we do, we all wear some kind of mask at any given time. What I wanted to do with this show was give people the freedom to put on a mask or take off your mask.”

“I wanted it to be all inclusive. I didn’t want anyone to feel like they can’t be themselves or appreciate what we’re all going through as a whole. You know? There’s no divide.” That’s not all. Legend X also teased a bit more about the show. “I’m doing these super interesting moments where each song reflects a monochromatic stylized color scheme where me and the dancers and the video…I’m knee deep in all the creative right now so I’m rambling on about certain things that probably won’t even make sense actually.” Guess we’ll have to see it come to life tonight to get a better grasp.

In the meantime, scroll through a gallery of photos from the shoot up top. You can check out the rest of the interview for more details here.

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