Lauv Opens Up About Mental Health On New Single “Sad Forever”

Mike Nied | June 4, 2019 3:43 pm

Last week’s New Music Friday was so massive that we’re still wading through the content. It was a big one for pop’s leading ladies with blockbuster releases from the likes of Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Bebe Rexha. But some very talented men were also in the mix. One of those would be Lauv. The 24-year-old offered up a second taste of his debut album ~how i’m feeling~. After launching the era with “Drugs & The Internet,” he returns with another ruthlessly catchy and incredibly relatable bop called “Sad Forever.” On it, he addresses mental health and battles with depression. “Daydream, life feels like a daydream. And I just wish that I could wake up,” he admits on the opening lines.

Everything builds up to the chorus, which is bound to resonate. “I don’t want to be sad forever, I don’t want to be sad no more,” Lauv sings. “I just want to wake up and realize everything’s gonna be okay.” The “I’m So Tired…” hitmaker opened up about creating the song in a press release. “I wrote sad forever at a time when I was extremely low. I was dealing with depression and OCD but hadn’t really recognized or gotten the help I needed,” he explained. “Mental illness is something that is often times not apparent to the outside world. It’s an ongoing journey with ups and downs and finding stability is a process that I’m still heavily working on.”

In an effort to continue de-stigmatizing mental health issues, Lauv decided to donate all proceeds from sales of the song to international’s organizations dedicated to the cause. “This song was written in a dark place but by donating all proceeds to mental health organizations I can only hope it helps others take their first step to ask for help too,” he said. Give the song a listen and check out the accompanying video below.

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