Premiere: SHY Martin’s “Same Old” Is A Breakup Anthem With A Twist

Mike Nied | June 7, 2019 10:02 am

Breakups suck. As it turns out, they aren’t better if you’re the one who called it quits. SHY Martin proves that with her single “Same Old.” Out today (June 7), the heartfelt bop draws inspiration from a relationship she ended when she moved for music school. And it documents the aftermath from that perspective. “I get how it looks like I kept all the best of us and left the memories with you,” she admits. However, that’s not the case as evidenced by the gut-wrenching chorus. “I know I’m not allowed to say I’m hurting. ‘Cause I hurt you. And I know that. I know I’m not allowed to say I miss you. ‘Cause I left you. So I hold back. ”

Sara Hjellström (SHY’s real name) does find a happy ending, though. It comes in the arms of another lover. “‘Cause I’m the same old me without you. Same old with someone new.” She opened up about the track in a shared statement. ”My whole life changed after I moved, I lived the dream he’d always supported, and I got to see the world we’d both dreamt of,” she explained. “For a long time I thought I wasn’t allowed to be hurt or miss him because I was the one who left. Today I know that sometimes it’s just as hard to be the one who has to leave, if not harder.” Following her debut EP Overthinking and April’s “Out Of My Hands,” this is another testament to the Swedish star’s massive appeal.

We’re proud to partner with SHY to premiere “Same Old.” Press play on the track and check out the Hampus Hjellström-directed lyric video below.

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