The Most Nostalgic Summer Songs Of The 1960s

Laura Martin | June 7, 2019 1:08 pm

The JFK assassination, increasing racial tensions, and the Vietnam War all occurred in the 1960s. Despite some very tumultuous and trying times, the decade also kicked off the flower power movement and marked a period of reflection that included plenty of fun in the sun. From feel-good boppers to songs with strong political and socio-economic messages, the summer music of the decade perfectly reflected the long summer days in both positive and negative ways. Much of the music from the decade has withstood the test of time and can still be heard blaring out speakers from today’s youth. Grab your transistor radio and let’s take a look back in time at the epic summer songs from the 1960s.

The Drifters: “Under The Boardwalk” – 1964

Under The Boardwalk
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images
Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

Recorded in 1964 by The Drifters, Under the Boardwalk was intentionally released in June, just in time for summer. The song tells the story of two lovers who agree to meet out of sight from others and under the boardwalk at the beach.

By August, the song peaked at No.4 of the Billboard Hot 100 with countless covers of the song charting as well. Surely, this song inspired many young lovers to take refuge under the boardwalk for some privacy on the beach.