Should Have Been Bigger: Becky G’s “Can’t Stop Dancin’”

Mike Nied | June 11, 2019 1:40 pm

In this franchise, we look back on singles that deserved a little more love and attention.

We really do not deserve Becky G. She is without a doubt one of music’s most prodigious and reliable acts, and she never gets enough respect. Over the last few years, she’s churned out so much content that it is almost impossible to keep up. She’s also come a long way since first putting in a serious bid for the title of Princess of Pop in 2014. That’s when the rising star hit it big with her mega-infectious “Shower.” Boasting a sing-along chorus that still won’t quit, it soared into the Top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.

And it looked like the equally catchy “Can’t Stop Dancin’” would be another smash. This is another saccharine confection with plenty of replay factor. Over tropical flourishes and shimmery synths, she sings about losing herself in the beat. “The lights are shining like the sun out tonight. Just keep your body moving how I like,” she urges a partner on the opening lines. It all builds up to the chorus: “Don’t let go, let go of me. I just can’t stop dancin’.” Say hello to what should have been the Song Of The Summer in 2014 and every year since then. Sadly, that was not the case.

True to her word, Becky delivers no shortage of slickly choreographed moves in the official video, shot in a sun-dappled locale. In one scene, she and a crew of dancers hit the club, where she flirts with a couple of boys and executes a routine. The sultry release had everything it needed to dominate the charts once again. However, that was not to be. Instead of soaring back into the Top 20, “Can’t Stop Dancin’” struggled to pick up on the Hot 100. It barely made a blip after peaking at the lowly (and undeserved) number 88.

Despite the public’s cruel lack of taste, Becky soldiered on. And the hitmaker found more luck elsewhere. In 2017, her Bad Bunny-assisted “Mayores” broke into the Top 3 on Billboard’s US Latin chart. It was also the first of her videos to break the one billion view threshold on YouTube. She broke it again with last year’s Natti Natasha collab “Sin Pijama.” Alongside these hugely successful Spanish releases has been a slew of equally promising but still slept-on English-language singles. Hopefully, her most recent – “Next To You” – gets a better reception.

While we wait to see, revisit Becky’s underrated summery anthem below!

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