Shura Announces Sophomore LP ‘forevher’ & Drops Striking ‘religion’ Video

Mike Wass | June 12, 2019 2:18 pm
Shura's 'Nothing's Real': Album Review
We review Shura's critically acclaimed debut album, 'Nothing's Real.'

She’s back! Shura dropped one of the most universally-loved debut albums of the decade with 2016’s Nothing’s Real and then took a three-year hiatus. The 27-year-old teased a comeback earlier this year by dropping “BKLYNLDN” and now makes it official. The Brit’s sophomore LP is called forevher and it arrives on August 16. What can we expect from the album? Shura describes it as “a soul record, sung by someone who doesn’t have a traditional soul voice.” That description certainly applies to new single, “religion (u can lay your hands on me).”

This is meltingly mellow soul-pop through the lens of a queer woman with a passion for synths. It bristles with desire, but also demonstrates a restraint that is quintessentially English. That heady mix is aptly conveyed in the striking video, which finds Shura observing a budding love affair between nuns. “For centuries we have been told by different faiths what is right, what is allowed… but here the leader is a woman, and the women are encouraged to love each other,” director Chloe Wallace explains. “We wanted to make a world of sexiness without being exploitative.”

Watch the striking video (above), and check out the tracklist and cover of forevher below.

Shura’s forevher tracklist:

1. thats me, just a sweet melody

2. side effects

3. religion (u can lay your hands on me)

4. the stage


6. tommy

7. princess leia

8. flyin’

9. forever

10. control

11. skyline, be mine

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