Kim Petras Announces ‘Clarity,’ Drops Latest Gem “Personal Hell”

Mike Nied | June 13, 2019 10:55 am

Kim Petras keeps her promises. This year the 26-year-old vowed to save pop music with the launch of her second era. And she was not lying or over-exaggerating. Since then, she’s blessed us with a new song every week. It all started with her barbed breakup anthem “Broken.” The impeccable releases that followed helped her build out a more evolved and personalized sound. Today (June 13), she returns with her latest – “Personal Hell.” Predictably it’s a bop. To be more specific, it’s a bouncy banger built around one of her signature, massive choruses.

“Save me from my personal hell,” the pop princess chants. “Break me, break me out of myself. Touch me. Only your hands make me come alive.” But that’s not nearly all. The generous diva also announced the impending release of a new project. Called Clarity, it houses every song she’s released since April plus four all-new ones. And it’s coming soon – June 27. She opened up about Clarity in a press release. “This project is all about finding myself. It started with ‘Broken’ and will end with Clarity because it reflects my personal journey over the last two years,” Kim explained.

“In writing my new music, I’ve learnt that a lot of the little things that go wrong in life don’t really matter at the end of the day. If anything, I’m now a stronger person because of them.” Listen to “Personal Hell” up top and check out the tracklist of Clarity below.

1. “Clarity”

2. “Icy”

3. “Got My Number”

4. “Sweet Spot”

5. “Personal Hell”

6. “Broken”

7. “All I Do Is Cry”

8. “Do Me”

9. “Meet The Parents”

10. “Another One”

11. “Blow It All”

12. “Shinin'”

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