Alec Benjamin Drops New Song “Must Have Been The Wind”

Mike Nied | August 28, 2019 10:00 am

UPDATE: Today (August 28), Alec Benjamin released a video in support of “Must Have Been The Wind.” Watch it below.

Last year Alec Benjamin took his career to the next level with Narrated For You. The 12-song mixtape perfectly highlighted his evocative voice, stripped-back sound and powerful lyrics. It also housed breakout hit “Let Me Down Slowly.” Buoyed by incredible streaming numbers and a duet version featuring Alessia Cara, the track marked his debut on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then he’s been busy touring and attracting the attention of fellow artists including John Mayer and Billie Eilish. But today (June 13), the hitmaker launches a new era with his song “Must Have Been The Wind.”

In an exclusive interview last month, the rising star offered some insight into how his sound has evolved between projects. “I think the subject matter of the songs is a little bit more mature. It’s pretty much the same except maybe the production is a step up,” he explained. That comes across on “Must Have Been The Wind,” which displays Alec’s knack for story-telling but delves into darker themes. “I heard a glass shatter on the wall in the apartment above mine. At first I thought that I was dreaming,” he sings. “But then I heard the voice of a girl. And it sounded like she’d been crying.”

As the song evolves, he details going up to check on her. And despite her insisting that the sounds was the wind, he isn’t fully convinced and decides to do what he can to be an ally. If this is anything to go off, it’s clear that this new era is going to be his strongest and most emotional to date. Give Alec’s latest a listen below.

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