Kaskade & Meghan Trainor’s “With You” Is A Feisty Floorfiller

Mike Wass | July 8, 2019 12:00 pm

UPDATE: Meghan and Kaskade released a video in support of “With You.” Check out the animated and otherworldly saga below.

Meghan Trainor's 'Badass Woman'
Meghan contributes a new bop called 'Badass Woman' to 'The Hustle' soundtrack.

Meghan Trainor reinvents herself as a club queen on Kaskade’s “With You.” The electro-pop collaboration finds the “No Excuses” hitmaker in a typically feisty mood as she lays down the law to a no-good boyfriend. “Am I the only one who’s been mistaken? Cause you’re the only one who keeps me waitin,'” she laments over the superstar DJ’s crisp synths. “Do you know how much time I would be savin,’ if I didn’t let you into my head, let you into my bed?” By the time we reach the chorus, Meghan has had enough.

“So stop, stop saying that you’re mine, Imma a need a better reason to be spendin’ all my time with you,” the pop star declares. “You leave me I’ll be fine, Imma a need a better reason to be wastin’ my time with you.” With the exception of her Valentine’s Day EP, The Love Train, Meghan has kept a relatively low profile in 2019. A crossover club hit could be just what she needs to relaunch. With any luck, Meghan will announce the release date of Treat Myself soon. In the meantime, listen to the Grammy winner’s catchy collaboration below. It sounds like a hit.

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