Monsta X & French Montana’s “Who Do U Love?” Is A Summer Smash

Mike Wass | June 14, 2019 12:01 am
Monsta X Interview
We speak to K-Pop Kings Monsta X about their global appeal and new music.

Monsta X is primed to be the next K-Pop act to explode worldwide. The seven-member group inked a deal with Epic Records in May and wasted no time rolling out their major label US debut single. “Who Do U Love?” joins the New Music Friday lineup on June 14 and it’s an instantly catchy banger featuring French Montana. “In the heat of the moment when you’re all alone and out of breath,” the guys begin the soulful pop anthem. “What’s keepin’ you goin? What do you see up in your head?”

Paranoia has set in by the irresistible chorus, which evokes the sound of classic boy bands like Backstreet Boys and NSYNC. “Who do you love? Is it him or me? ‘Cause I can’t take the pressure anymore,” Monsta X demands. “Who do you love? Girl, it’s killin’ me.” As for French, well he name-checks a lot of random people in his verse. “Now the beef cookin’ like Gordon Ramsay, we should be somewhere that’s hot and sandy,” he spits. “Used to post up in New York like Marcus Camby, my two things fighting like Monica and Brandy.”

“Who Do U Love?” isn’t Monsta X’s first English-language song (justice for “Shoot Out”), but it’s easily their best. Listen to the looming summer smash below.

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