Madonna Joins Forces With Anitta On “Faz Gostoso”

Mike Nied | June 14, 2019 2:04 am

The time has finally come. Today (June 14) is the day Madonna dropped her 14th studio album Madame X. The tracklist includes no shortage of gems (the second Maluma collab is solid gold). We’re working on an official album review. But in the meantime, it felt right to show some love to one of the LP’s highlights. That would be the Queen Of Pop’s collaboration with Brazilian goddess Anitta. The hitmakers linked up on new version of “Faz Gostoso.” Anticipation has been high to see what they cooked up since they were first spotted in the recording studio. And it turns out that they really delivered.

Their update of Blaya’s chart-topping anthem is a seriously catchy, bilingual bop. “Come, come to me. Show me how you move your body,” Madonna commands. And everything continues building until the chorus comes in. In an Instagram post, Anitta had nothing but positive things to say about the opportunity to work with the living legend. “If today I feel free, powerful and strong to express myself, my sexuality and my way to be woman it’s because of your fight for so many years,” she gushed. “Your fight for freedom changed millions and millions of lives including mine. It’s such an honor to be part of your AMAZING story somehow.”

The Kisses icon had even more to say. “Having your legendary person singing one of the highest rate of prejudice rhythms in my country give forces to a whole community who thought we would never be respected for singing the urban Brazilian Funk Music in our own place. Thank you for that and thank you for changing my life teaching me so many things directly and indirectly while we were together. I wanna learn with you forever in life.” If life is fair, we’ll get some sort of visual to accompany this. Considering the divas’ impeccable track record, any video would be an absolute feast.

Keep an eye peeled for a full review of Madame X. In the meantime, press play on “Faz Gostoso” below.

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