Madonna Talks ‘Madame X’ & “Dark Ballet” With Beats 1

Mike Nied | June 14, 2019 1:49 pm

Today (June 14) is a holy day for fans of pop music. It’s the day Madonna, our enduring Queen, unveiled her 14th album Madame X. We’re still working on an official review but have begun diving into the collection. There’s a lot to love including a must-hear collab with Anitta and a second duet with Maluma (I’m utterly slayed). The LP claimed the top spot on US iTunes last night (at the time of publication it’s at number 2) and is shaping up to be another gem in the icon’s legendary discography. And we’re learning even more about it thanks to an interview with Beats 1.

Speaking with Julie Adenuga, Madonna opened up about the Madame X character and where it fits into her life. “I think I’ll still be Madame X in 10 years and in many ways I’ve been Madame X my whole life,” the “Crave” legend explained. “I think I’m just sort of revealing her to the world in a more specific way. Creating personas and traveling the world and being a teacher and a student, an explorer, a social anthropologist, an investigator. All of those things I think I’ve been doing that all my life as a human being and an artist. So I don’t think I’ll be looking back at her, she’ll still be moving through me.”

She also shed light on the various labels she associated with Madame X (dancer, professor, head of state, housekeeper, equestrian, prisoner, student, mother, child, teacher, nun, singer, saint, whore and spy in the house of love to name a few). “The labels are really meant to say we can shift and change and be whoever we want to be.” That’s not all. Madonna reflected on working with producer Mirwais on “Dark Ballet” and shared some history about Joan Of Arc in a second clip. Watch her talk Madame X below and catch up on “Dark Ballet” here.

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