More Beef! Nicki Minaj Addresses Her Feud With Miley Cyrus

Mike Nied | June 24, 2019 4:33 pm

Another day, another drama. This month Taylor Swift and Katy Perry famously marked the end of their long-standing feud with a plate of cookies. They drilled the point home by sharing screen time in Taylor’s “You Need To Calm Down” video. However, there wasn’t peace in the industry for long. Over the weekend Nicki Minaj addressed her ongoing beef with Miley Cyrus. There’s been bad blood between the pair for a couple years now. It all started in 2015 when Miley weighed in on some comments Nicki made about the nominations for that year’s Video Music Awards.

Nicki famously hit back during the awards show. However, after that it looked like they put the beef on ice. Of course, Miley heated it back up with the release of SHE IS COMING. On her RuPaul duet “Cattitude,” the diva referenced the Queen rapper and Cardi B. In a follow-up interview, she was quick to claim the line was not a dig at either artist. But it looks like Nicki did not agree with the sentiment. And she decided to open up about how it made her feel during a recent episode of Queen Radio. “Perdue Chickens can never talk shit about queens,” Nicki claimed.

“But I do notice a lot of Perdue chickens recently have been trying to say the queen’s name for clout. And that’s always been happening.” The hitmaker went on to reference their initial feud. “That’s what [she] did in the first place. And then she cried. You know, the white girl cried and made the black girl seem like she was a bad guy. In the first place, she disrespected me in a magazine article for no reason.” There are a couple more digs aimed at Miley and her relationship with producer Mike WiLL Made-It and hip-hop in general.

Thus far, Miley hasn’t responded. However, the Perdue Chicken brand did hop on Twitter for some cute banter. Keep an eye on this post, and we’ll update it if there are any more developments. In the meantime, dive into some of the comments below.

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