Slayyyter Hitchhikes To Las Vegas In Her Messy “Mine” Video

Mike Wass | June 25, 2019 5:02 pm
Slayyyter drops 'Daddy AF'
The budding pop star makes a great first impression with the raunchy 'Daddy AF.'

Slayyyter is to 2019 what Ke$ha was to 2009 (i.e. the jack-swilling alternative to mainstream pop’s dreary divas). She drives the point home by dropping a gloriously messy video for “Mine.” The clip begins with our heroine hitchhiking to Las Vegas for a little fun. Once on the strip, the breakout pop star starts chugging shots and rolls around on the floor of many a casino. The 22-year-old also cups a statue’s penis, makes out with random guests and then crashes a wedding officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

Catherine Slater (her real name) has taken pop by storm with her DIY approach to pop and no-fucks approach to social media. She is a self-proclaimed throwback to the Myspace era, taking inspiration from D-list icons like Courtney Stodden, Heidi Montag and Tila Tequila. That also comes through in her music, which would have been the perfect soundtrack for dramatic montages on Flavor Of Love and The Hills. Oh, and Slayyyter even covered a Britney Spears’ classic without being destroyed by the Stan Twitter. She’s basically unstoppable.

Watch Slayyyter’s raw and rowdy “Mine” video, which was probably filmed on her iPhone, below.

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