Adam Lambert’s ‘Velvet’ Takes Shape With “Comin In Hot”

Mike Nied | June 26, 2019 12:52 am

Adam Lambert eradicates even the thought of a mid-week slump with “Comin In Hot.” The second taste of his forthcoming album Velvet arrived today (June 26), and it is a groovy anthem similar to lead single “New Eyes.” This time around the 37-year-old links up with producer The Monarch for an infectious and very flirty earworm. “Read my mind. Open up. Faded I fall into you. Get me high on your touch,” he sings on the opening lines. Everything builds up to the chorus. “Coming in hot. No chill for me,” he teases.

“I want your touch. Come put your hands on me. I want my love to feed your vanity.” The track arrived alongside an official music video, which picks up where his last left off. Directed by Miles & AJ, it features an appearance from Miss Shalae. Her role? That of a witchy goddess with some very fierce superpowers. The end result is a moody viewing experience with some exceptional styling. And the best part is that there’s another promise of more to come at the end. At the rate things are going, Velvet is shaping up to be one of 2019’s slickest and most cohesive releases.

In a tweet earlier this month, Adam revealed it would be a two-parter. As it stands, Side A is due to arrive in September. Currently it is unclear when Side B will arrive. However, I’m hoping it will drop before the end of the year. While we wait for additional clarification, press play on “Comin In Hot” below.

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