Psychedelic Stories Of Female Rock Icon Grace Slick

Jenna Goldberg | June 26, 2019 4:19 pm

The Truth About Her Style On Stage

Chris Walter/WireImage
Chris Walter/WireImage

Grace Slick became an iconic vocalist and musician of rock and roll, not just for a female artist, but any artist. Audiences were drawn to her onstage aura. Mic in hand, Slick holds her space with limited movement compared to other lead singers of the rock genre. Gently swaying to the sound, as if entranced by the instrumentals for the first time, fans adore her live performances. So where does her style come from?

Slick told The Wall Street Journal, “People in the audience thought I moved around on stage like a panther. I’m actually a klutz. The reason I moved so carefully was to avoid tripping and breaking my neck.”