Stephen Puth Nurses A Broken Heart In “Look Away” Video

Mike Wass | June 26, 2019 6:06 pm
Stephen Puth Interview
We speak to the breakout star about 'Sexual Vibe' and his debut EP.

Stephen Puth delivered his third stellar pop song in a row when “Look Away” dropped last week. Co-written with superstar brother Charlie Puth, the mid-tempo breakup anthem finds the rising star coming to grips with the end of a relationship. “Maybe I’m paranoid,” the 25-year-old muses. “Got these thoughts in my head that I can’t avoid.” He elaborates on the catchy chorus. “I was lookin’ at you the other day,” Stephen accuses softly. “You used to look in my eyes, now you look away.”

That ominous feeling of knowing that it’s over pervades the Jason Lester-directed video. “The video is about the end of a relationship,” the “Sexual Vibe” singer explains. “A tough moment where both people realize their love doesn’t feel the same way. The video has flashbacks to when the relationship was steady and what it has become. What I love most about the video is the relationship feels distant and lonely. Sometimes, love and heartbreak can hurt in the most silent way.” Watch the striking clip below.

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