Petite Meller Returns With “Aeroplane” & It’s A Wild Ride

Mike Wass | August 27, 2019 2:00 pm

EDIT: The post has been updated with the French pop star’s otherworldly video. Watch it below.

Petite Meller kicks off her sophomore era with a predictably bonkers single called “Aeroplane.” Which is about her flying around the world to make music and art. “Go in it with my ticket, frequent flyer on the aeroplane,” she sings over African drums. “On my window, no reflection, all I need is resurrection.” That takes us to the ruthlessly catchy chorus. “The way my body goes, high and low, around the globe,” the French pop star chants. “The way my body goes, like an aeroplane, coast to coast.”

“I wrote [the song] while I was on an aeroplane, traveling to record my new album,” Petite explains. “I went on my own to Rio de Janeiro to write with local producers I met online.” Is the song to be taken that literally? Not quite. “Every time I go low, the music takes me high,” the “Milk Bath” singer elaborates. “When I’m broken, I turn up the volume and feel my body flying through every country, border, space and time, above everything – floating as a bird, coast to coast. Between airpods and airdrops, I feel like I am an Aeroplane taking people off the ground.”

“Aeroplane” is Petite’s first new single since dropping her debut LP, the enchanting, world music-infused Lil Empire, in 2016. If this is any indication, the elusive chanteuse’s new album is going to be even more adventurous. Listen below.

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