Premiere: Rainsford Unveils Ethereal “Passionate” Video

Mike Nied | June 28, 2019 12:55 pm

Indie pop singer/songwriter Rainsford is steadily carving out a place for herself in the industry. The hitmaker landed a breakout hit with “Too Close” back in 2016 and has been gaining ground ever since. Last year she made waves with her debut EP Emotional Support Animal. Currently her focus is on her latest single – “Passionate.” The lush anthem highlights the Los Angeles resident’s evocative vocals and artistry. And she’s bound to leave a lasting impression with her eye-catching video.

Shot on location in Sydney, Australia, it opens with a close-up shot of a bubblegum-pink eye. From there the camera pans out to reveal Rainey Qualley (her real name) reclining on matching silk sheets. Later she embraces a romantic interest in front of a starry, pink and blue sky, wraps herself in pearls and poses amongst a sea of luxe florals and candelabras. Toss in some lo-fi filters and soft pastels, and the end result is both dreamlike and unforgettable. The siren shared some insight into the release in an exclusive statement.

“I wrote ‘Passionate’ about being so close, and wishing to be with someone so baldly, but being unable to. The song is filled with tension, and wanting, and passion, and I also tried to reflect that tension in the video,” she explained. Rainsford also gushed about the opportunity to work with director Byron Spencer. “I think Byron has the best taste and I knew he would be able to capture the essence of the song perfectly, while not taking itself too seriously.” That being said, there were some drawbacks to the shoot. Chiefly, the pink contact she wears in it proved to be a challenge.

“I don’t even think you can tell I was crying,” she explained. Thankfully, it sounds like she knows the end product was worth the temporary discomfort. “I am so excited for people to see this video. I am thrilled with the way it turned out.” We’re equally excited to partner with her to premiere the “Passionate” video. Give it a view below and let us know what you think.

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