The Driver Era Releases Debut Album ‘X,’ Stream It Here

Mike Nied | June 28, 2019 7:24 pm

Brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch are familiar with the spotlight. The pair spent the better part of a decade recording and touring with family band R5. However, last year, they took the plunge and formed a splinter group called The Driver Era. Their goal was to continue pushing new musical boundaries. And that was evident right off the bat with debut single “Preacher Man.” The rollicking, genre-defying anthem introduced a more mature, rock-infused sound. After its release, they continued building out their sonics with equally memorable follow-up singles including “Low,” “Afterglow” and “Feel You Now.”

This month, the alt-rockers have a lot to celebrate. For starters, June marks the 10-year anniversary of their first-ever performance onstage. They are commemorating the occasion with the release of their debut album as The Driver Era. Called X, the title draws comparisons to the Roman numeral for 10. Appropriately, the collection, out today (June 28), also contains 10 songs. All of which makes for a fitting tribute. More importantly, the release shows how involved Ross and Rocky have become with their music. They wrote and produced every song on the tracklist. And each is a gem that deserves closer attention.

Speaking of the tracklist, what is on it? The LP houses all of the pair’s previous singles and five brand-new songs. The first of those premiered a day early and is called “Nobody Knows.” In an interview with W magazine, Rocky explained how it draws inspirations from a couple areas. For starters it’s about how surprising life can be. Here’s one of those surprises: It’s also about groupies. Either way, the anthem features an addictive chorus that will be stuck in your head for hours after a single listen. The same could be said for “Scared Of Heights.” On this one they address being stuck in a cycle with a relationship.

“I want it bad. It does me good,” they sing. “It’s ’cause I’m sad. It’s a bad excuse. Because I don’t need you.” Even still, they seem to keep going back for more. In comparison, “San Francisco” deals with the aftermath of a breakup. “Holding on, I’m holding on to your clothing. Holding on, I’m holding on to our story,” they lament on the opening lines. They make sense of things on the heartbreaking chorus. “You know we suffocated our love. You really didn’t do a thing wrong. Now I am superstitious of love. And baby, we overplayed our song.” The end result is an emotional sucker-punch filled with longing and regret, which makes it woefully beautiful.

Ross and Rocky move in a more pop-oriented direction on “Giveuwhatuwant.” This is one that could very easily net them a crossover hit. It’s the sort of bop that could garner serious support on streaming services and radio. That brings us to the last new track: “Natural.” This one puts the guys back in full fledged rocker mode. Not only that, it’s possibly the most seductive out of them all. “You keep it natural. Natural. Turn it up, strip it down. Clothes on the ground. Don’t make me wait too long,” they croon over a sexy instrumental. With X, The Driver Era take the next step toward what is looking like a very lengthy career. Press play on the collection below and let us know what you think.

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