Sasha Sloan’s “Dancing With Your Ghost” Is A Lullaby About Loss

Mike Wass | June 28, 2019 6:49 pm
Sasha Sloan Interview
The breakout pop star talks 'Loser' EP and writings hits for other artists.

At this point, I don’t think it’s possible for Sasha Sloan to write a bad song. She follows up “Thoughts” with an equally great, insightful track called “Dancing With Your Ghost.” This time around, the breakout star tackles the emotional void left by someone disappearing from your life. “Yelling at the sky, screaming at the world,” Sasha begins over King Henry’s sparse, otherworldly production. “Baby, why’d you go away? I’m still your girl.” She’s going through the motions, but healing is hard.

“I put the record on, wait ’til I hear our song,” pop’s Sad Girl laments on the chorus. “Every night, I’m dancing with your ghost.” It’s a late-night lullaby that rings true. There’s no false hope here, just shared experience. “This song is a very very special one for me,” Sasha shared on social media. “Wrote it alone in my bedroom and now it’s here I hope you guys like it.” She then mentioned that it will be featured in an upcoming episode of HBO’s Euphoria. Listen to “Dancing With Your Ghost” below.

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