Another Gem: Delacey Follows Up “My Man” With “The Subway Song”

Mike Wass | June 28, 2019 7:17 pm
New Find: Delacey's 'My Man'
One To Watch. Delacey makes a great first impression with 'My Man.'

Delacey’s bluesy, attitude-filled “My Man” ranks as one of the best singles (debut or otherwise) of 2019. The track, which offers a modern perspective on the scenario presented in Dolly Parton’s “Jolene,” has racked up more than six million streams and is starting to find love across multiple radio formats. She should find similar success with “The Subway Song.” Brittany Amaradio (her real name) recorded the track in NYC with Ido Zmishlany after suffering a bout of homesickness and heartbreak on the subway.

“Take me home, I feel homesick; I don’t know where I’m going,” the breakout star sings on the chorus over a train-like rhythm. “Too many faces, but none I know and I’m alone on the subway home.” A stickler for authenticity, Delacey went as far as recording the vocals in a subway station. “A song can come any time and place for me,” she reveals. “Even when I’m crying on a subway home from the studio and have to write it on my phone.” Listen to the newcomer’s next viral hit below. This could be another big song for her.

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