Surprise! Madonna Drops ‘World Of Madame X’ Documentary

Mike Wass | July 3, 2019 4:21 pm
Album Review: Madonna's 'Madame X'
The Queen of Pop pushes the boundaries of pop on her radical new album.

Madonna knows how to deliver an era. In addition to an immaculate album, flawless visuals and a steady stream of promotion, she also had the foresight to film a (mini) documentary. The World Of Madame X is an Amazon Prime exclusive and is available to watch right now. The 23-minute film lays out how Madame X started as a side-project of sorts while the Queen of Pop played Soccer Mom. That changed when she met Dino d’Santiago, a Portuguese singer of Cape Verdean descent.

He invited the “Crave” hitmaker to living-room sessions, where singers and musicians get together to sip a little wine and make beautiful music. “What struck me most was this organic, authentic feeling of people being there because they just love music,” Madonna remembers. “Money had nothing to do with it. Fame had nothing to do with it. Instagram followers had nothing to do with it. It was really about passion, and music, and art.” The enduring sex symbol then brought in Mirwais to help modernize what she was hearing.

“I said to him, ‘I know this is crazy, but tell me if it inspires you. Let’s chop up the guitar sounds, and synch them to modern sounding drums,'” Madonna explains. “Within a week, he had sent me back music. It was amazing and I felt super inspired.” You can watch a fascinating preview of the pop icon’s new documentary below and watch the full thing here. I know what I’m doing this long weekend.

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