Melanie Martinez Shares A Snippet Of “Detention” From New LP, ‘K-12’

Mike Wass | July 10, 2019 5:39 am
Melanie Teases Sophomore LP, 'K-12'
Melanie Martinez teases her long-awaited sophomore LP in a series of quirky videos.

Melanie Martinez’s sophomore LP will arrive on September 6 — four years after the arrival of Cry Baby. The intriguingly-titled K-12 picks up where her platinum-selling debut left off. Only, a couple of years have passed and Melanie’s alter-ego, a slightly unhinged toddler called Cry Baby, is now a teenager. And she’s having an interesting time at school if the various snippets and video teasers are any indication. The 24-year-old shared another one yesterday (July 9) and “Detention” sounds like another oddball bop.

“Baby can you meet me tonight in detention? I can feel your blood pressure rise, fuck this tension,” the alt-pop star sings over slinky beats. “Let me crawl up into your mind, did I mention? Pretending everything’s alright is detention.” The snippet comes hot on the heels of a 17-second taste of “The Principal” and an equally brief introduction to “Lunchbox Friends.” All three songs sound like quirky anthems of the highest caliber, which promises great things for K-12. Listen to all three below.

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