Matoma, MNEK & Kiana Ledé Unveil “Bruised Not Broken” Video

Mike Nied | July 18, 2019 6:05 pm

Matoma, MNEK and Kiana Ledé have a growing hit on their hands with “Bruised Not Broken.” Since it was released last month, the anthem has amassed more than 4 million streams on Spotify alone. And it is bound to get a boost with the unveiling of an official video. Out today (July 19), that brings the lyrics to life in an unexpected way. “Even if I’m black and blue, I put myself back together again. Because I am bruised, but I’m not broken. Damaged, but I’m coping,” the Language crooner proclaims on the chorus. And he and his collaborators quite literally take that to heart as they escape a butcher’s shop in the delightfully campy visual.

After breaking free and extracting revenge on the butcher, the reassembled hitmakers deliver some very cute choreography against a black screen. The end result is fun and fresh interpretation, which MNEK gushed about in a shared statement. “This is by far the best video I’ve ever done and also the most fun to shoot!” he enthused. “It connects so much with the idea of the song and Carlos and Jeff are such geniuses for making it come to life in such a unique and special way!” Directors Jeff Desom & Carlos Lopez Estrada also weighed in. “The song does a wonderful job of telling a story of overcoming great hardship while never losing sight of hope. We wanted to stay in that spirit while creating something totally unexpected.”

“The idea was inspired by the line ‘I put myself back together’ but hearing the track you wouldn’t necessarily think of a butcher shop filled with human parts that put themselves back together. The challenge was to keep it light-hearted and fun despite a pretty grim premise. Realism was the enemy.” I’d say they pulled it off pretty spectacularly. Watch below and decide for yourself.

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