Phoebe Ryan Returns With Upbeat Bop “Build Me Up Again”

Mike Wass | July 11, 2019 6:32 pm
Phoebe Ryan Interview
We speak to the rising pop star about her second EP, songwriting & Britney.

Phoebe Ryan has kept a relatively low profile since dropping one of the best EPs of 2017. (James deserved every award). There have been a couple of collaborations, most notably a feature on Kaskade’s “Almost Back,” and the stand-alone single “A Thousand Ways.” But the pickings have been slim. That makes the arrival of “Build Me Up Again,” a happy/sad ode to friendship, a cause for celebration. “I’ve been under construction and it’s taken too long,” the singer/songwriter laments in an early verse. “Before every decision, every blueprint is wrong.”

There’s a solution for Phoebe’s malaise, however. “When I’m low I need a friend to build me up again, build me up again,” she sings on the catchy chorus. It turns out that “Build Me Up” has a rather unique origin story. “[It’s] about a friend I met on Tinder a few years ago,” the 28-year-old explains. “He was my spirit animal from the start, and inspired me to feel good about life and living it to the fullest at a time when that wasn’t so easy for me. It’s a bop about friendship and wanting to feel good, what more could you ask for?” Listen below.

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