Jaymes Young Returns With Decidedly Gloomy “Happiest Year”

Mike Wass | July 15, 2019 5:23 pm

After releasing two excellent EPs and touring with artists as diverse as London Grammar and Vance Joy, Jaymes Young dropped his debut LP in 2017. Feel Something was a critical success, but the 27-year-old felt that something was missing and went on hiatus. He returns with a typically gloomy and gripping single called “Happiest Year.” Which is a love letter of sorts to an ex. “We made each other bleed and we tasted it, I’m here to admit that you were my medicine,” Jaymes laments. “Thank you for the happiest year of my life.”

Despite the subject matter, “Happiest Year” is a result of the Jayme’s new, semi-upbeat outlook. “[It’s] a song I wrote about trying to see things from a more positive perspective,” he explains. “During the writing process I tried to express gratitude and understanding towards experiences that had also left a potential for bitterness and resentment. I’d rather reflect on the good times when I can, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.” So, is the “I’ll Be Good” singer back permanently? In short, yes.

“I spent a lot of days over the past year writing and reflecting on who I am as an artist and what’s important to me,” Jaymes reveals. “With that I can say I’m coming back to music officially. Thanks to everyone who stuck around while I took some time for myself.” Listen to “Happiest Year” below.

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