Tor Miller Has Party Fatigue On “Take Me Home (I’m Ready)”

Mike Wass | July 15, 2019 5:59 pm
The Drop: Maty Noyes & Tor Miller
Discover gems from Maty Noyes & Tor Miller in our guide to New Music Friday.

Over the course of two albums, Tor Miller has proven to be one of the most original and interesting purveyors of indie-pop. He’s also one of the most honest. On “Take Me Home (I’m Ready),” for example, the 25-year-old sings about the price you pay for chasing highs. “I can feel the night taking over me, not in the way it did before,” Tor belts over midnight synths. “I can see how it’s changing me and I just can’t fake it anymore.” The answer? “Take me home, take me home, I’m ready.”

“The song is about growing discontentment with way my life has been unfolding,” the singer/songwriter reveals. “It’s another Friday night out binge drinking with my friends — the same bar I went to last week with all the same people. This song is about the night where all that resentment and frustration comes bubbling to the surface and I need to leave; find a way out of this cycle I’ve fallen into.” Listen to the first taste of Tor’s third LP below.

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