LIZ Teams Up With Slayyyter For “Diamond In The Dark”

Mike Wass | July 25, 2019 6:04 am
LIZ & FEMM's 'Do It Again'
The LA-based pop star joins forces with Japanese duo FEMM for her new single.

The First Lady of Mad Decent does it again! LIZ has a near-perfect track record of churning out shiny, retro-leaning bops and “Diamond In The Dark” is no exception. The LA-based artist serves bubblegum-pop circa 2002 with a little help from Slayyyter. While LIZ keeps it sugary sweet, the “Daddy AF” diva lets it all hang out. As usual. “Gimme a call late at night, make out in your car in the velvet twilight,” she purrs. As flawless as her sexy verse is, this is ultimately a banger about staying true to yourself.

“[It’s] about celebrating the value in your own vulnerability, and continuing to love hard even though people may have taken you for granted in the past,” LIZ explains. “I am unapologetically myself and do think it takes people time to unravel all of my layers sometimes. I often feel unseen or misunderstood in various ways. I think many can relate to that. It’s essentially up to others to recognize your specialness and rareness or else you could be gone like a shooting star.”

As for the retro production, LIZ was inspired by a seminal Y2K hit. “The vibe of this track was particularly inspired by DJ Sammy. [Producer Dylan Brady] and I listened to ‘Heaven’ in our studio session and we really wanted to make an anthemic bop that captured that same kind of emotion and sonic nostalgia.” Mission accomplished. Take a listen to the shimmery tune below.

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