Yes, Girl! Charli XCX Links Up With Pabllo Vittar On “Flash Pose”

Mike Nied | July 25, 2019 11:59 pm

UPDATE: The “Flash Pose” video is here. Watch it below!

Charli XCX is not slowing down anytime soon. The 26-year-old has always been prolific and collaborative, but she’s ramping up her output leading into the release of her third album. Since May, she’s hopped on tracks with Lizzo, Christine And The Queens, Herve Pagez and Diplo, Brooke Candy and Maliibu Miitch and several members of BTS. And she’s sweetening another week with more new music. Today (July 25), she reunites with Pabllo Vittar on the drag superstar’s feisty single “Flash Pose.” This marks their second project together.

Previously they teamed up with Brooke Candy and CupcakKe on “I Got It.” And their latest is just as much fun. “We can try this out. But you gotta know what I’m about,” the “Sua Cara” hitmaker coos over driving beats. Charli’s verse is equally fierce. “”Look good when I walk in the party. Ride pink cars like Malibu Barbie. Dressed up, nighty night in a Versace. I love Pabllo. Pabllo loves Charli.” They join forces on a chorus that will undoubtedly be screamed on dance floors for the foreseeable future. “Get in my picture, pose. Get in my frame, close. You’re so cool, pose. Yeah, pose,” they chant.

Fans of the duo are in luck. Charli and Pabllo have another song together on Charli. They’re getting back together with Brooke and CupcakKe and tossing Big Freedia in the mix on “Shake It.” We don’t know much else yet. However, Brooke gushed about the new song in an exclusive interview. “It’s so crazy,” she said. “To be on a track with those artists is an honor. Like I bow down to all of them. They’re all incredible,” she added. Based on their track record, I bet they’ll have another smash on their hands come September.

In the meantime, press play on “Flash Pose” below. Also, keep an eye on this post. We’ll get it updated once the music video arrives.

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