Mason Ramsey’s ‘Twang’ EP Is Proof That He’s More Than A Meme

Mike Wass | July 26, 2019 6:19 pm
Mason Ramsey's Catchy 'Twang'
The 12-year-old rolls out an instantly catchy country-pop bop called 'Twang.'

Yodeling in Walmart isn’t the most obvious path to music stardom, but it worked for Mason Ramsey. Since going viral with that video, the Illinois native has inked a deal with Atlantic Records and dropped a cute, introductory EP called Famous. Today (July 26), the busiest 12-year-old in North America follows it up with a vastly more polished collection of songs. Twang is an all-killer, no-filler EP that positions Mason as a purveyor of age-appropriate love songs. It also offers conclusive proof that there’s more to him than memes and novelty appeal.

Apart from the title track, which already ranks as one of the year’s most irresistible country-pop concoctions, “Puddle Of Love” stands out as an EP highlight. Impressively, it is Mason’s very first co-write and hints at a natural affinity for hokey (in the best possible way) puns and lovelorn lyricism. “I’m stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck, stuck in a puddle of love,” he laments in his trademark twang. “Everything that girl does sinks me deeper in the mud.” I can’t think of a catchier tune penned by a pre-teen.

The rest of the EP is similarly appealing, but doesn’t quite scale the same heights. “How Could I Not,” with its lyrics about showing off a girl on the town, sounds a little too adult. “On My Way,” on the other hand, is an adorable country ballad that will be a favorite of moms and lovestruck tweens across America. EP-closer “Before I Knew It” is similarly loved-up, but feels a little karaoke in comparison to what came before it. All in all, this is fascinating glimpse at a future country superstar. Stream Twang in full below.

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