Mary J. Blige Lets Them “Know” On Soulful New Single

Mike Wass | August 8, 2019 5:27 pm
Mary J. Blige's 'Thick Of It' Video
Mary J. shows out in the fiery video for new single, 'Thick Of It.' Watch now.

Mary J. Blige is enjoying a well-deserved renaissance. The R&B icon was nominated for two Academy awards (Best Supporting Actress and Best Original Song) in 2018 for Mudbound, and is currently on a co-headlining North American Tour with Nas (buy tickets here). In addition to that, she has also been chipping away at her 14th album. It’s too early to tell if songs like “Only Love” and “Thriving” will make the cut, but “Know” deserves to be there. Mary dropped the soulful track this morning (August 8) and it’s a searing return to form.

Instead of trying to diminish her talent in a bid to stay current (see 2017’s Strength Of A Woman), Mary J. has embraced her legacy as an R&B truth-teller. “When you hear the word ‘Queen’ you automatically think of a woman getting everything she wants,” she introduces the song. The enduring hitmaker then sets the record straight. “See being a ruler means sacrifice, most of the time you get less than what you give — so every woman and mother in the world is a Queen because she gives so much.” From there, Mary J. serves a little gospel.

“Lord (x 3), they just don’t know (x 3) how hard I had to go (x 3) to get through, to get through,” she sings on the majestic chorus. “They just don’t know (x 7) how many times I’ve lost, just so I could win.” If you prefer R&B with vocals and real emotion instead of today’s army of melodic whisperers, press play below.

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