These TV Couples Broke Our Hearts More Than Our Exes Did

Jenna Goldberg | August 13, 2019 6:40 pm

The past half-century has given us some of the most relatable and heartfelt characters in television history, predominantly due to the complicated relationships each series seems to revolve around. Falling in love has never been a walk in the park. Watching these relationships unfold made us feel normal. But living vicariously through our most beloved TV characters comes at a pretty price. With great writing and performance quality, sometimes they hurt us more than real people do. Here are the TV couples we could only watch with a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s and a fully stocked tissue box by our side.

The Vampire With A Heart Of Gold

Getty Images
Getty Images

Back before the days of Twilight, an even more dramatic vampire story stirred the hearts of teens across the country. Rather than a vampire and his prey falling in love, creators of Buffy The Vampire brilliantly made them each other’s prey. In a way, it’s kind of feminist.

Buffy was far from the damsel in distress. The whole point of the show was that she killed vampires. On the flip side, Angel had the soul of a, well, an angel, and was capable of love and remorse. Their relationship gave validity to anyone who’s had to reply to inquisitions about their relationship status with a frustrated “it’s complicated.”