MIKA Celebrates Small Moments With Loved Ones On “Tiny Love”

Mike Nied | August 20, 2019 2:00 pm

MIKA’s My Name Is Michael Holbrook is coming together very nicely. The 36-year-old is gearing up to drop his fifth studio album October 4. And he’s making up for a long gap between projects (it’s been four years since his last LP) by gracing our ears with a couple bops ahead of the release date. He introduced the era with “Ice Cream.” Now the crooner turns his attention to “Tiny Love.” Out last Friday (August 16), his latest is a supersized anthem about appreciating small, heartfelt gestures shared with a loved one.

“It’s not a sunrise over canyons shaped like hearts. It’s not bursting into song in Central Park,” the “Grace Kelly” hitmaker declares on the opening lines. How would he describe his relationship? “It’s a still-there-Monday-morning kind of love,” MIKA sings. “Our love, it gets better every day. Crazy colors in the grey, our love. Tiny love, it’s a tiny love.” Toss in a sing-along chorus, and he’s got another potentially massive hit on his hands. It gets even better, because he paired it with an accompanying video directed by W.I.Z. He opened up about the song in a press release.

“The most important thing in the world is the love we have for those around us, the love others offer us and the love we have for ourselves,” MIKA explained. “That love can feel so massive and yet at the same time it’s so tiny and imperceivable to others. This song is a conscious decision to provoke that emotion.” He also spoke about the video. “I knew I needed a different sort of director for this video, more art and film based. W.I.Z. was the perfect choice. From every detail in pre-production, to the art direction and casting, he has one thing in mind; to illustrate a complex narrative that he has written in his head.”

Check it out below.

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