CYN’s “Never-Ending Summer” Is A Breezy Delight

Mike Wass | August 21, 2019 12:54 pm
CYN's 'Holy Roller' Video
One of the best pop songs of 2019 now has one of the coolest videos. Watch CYN's 'Holy Roller.'

CYN follows up the very, very good “Holy Roller” (one of the year’s better pop songs) with a breezy bop called “Never-Ending Summer.” While the former commands your full attention from the opening lyric, the rising pop star’s latest gently washes over you. “I don’t know how I got so high, feels like I’ll never see December,” the 26-year-old purrs over Lars Stalfors’ sun-dappled synths. “It’s so hot, it’s like living in a never-ending summer.” Add this to your favorite chill-out playlist immediately.

What’s it all about? “With this song, I had aimed to embrace themes that felt like summer: friendship, living in the moment, and youth,” CYN explains. “I’m really happy and excited to be releasing a song with undeniable optimism and appreciation for the good times in life.” But wait, there’s more! The newcomer also announced her long-awaited debut EP, Mood Swing (due September 20). “[It’s] not done up,” she reveals cryptically. “It is not overly styled. It is not according to an outdated commercial standard. It is not aggressively contrasting in colors.” I’m sold!

Listen to CYN’s (day) dreamy “Never-Ending Summer” below.

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