Premiere: Riker Lynch Launches New Project With “Sex On The Beach”

Mike Nied | August 22, 2019 1:42 pm

Another member of R5 is dropping new music! Last year, Ross and Rocky Lynch continued their sonic explorations with the creation of The Driver Era. Next up is Riker Lynch. This week, the oldest Lynch brother kickstarts a new chapter with Riker And The Beachcombers. And he’s introducing the artist project with debut single “Sex On The Beach.” As the title suggests, the song is an appropriately sexy and tropical affair built around an insanely catchy chorus. “Sex on the beach. Drinks in the day. Got me so hot,” he flirtatiously teases. “Dance in the night. Dip in the rain. Sex on the beach, that’d be ok.”

Riker opened up about his exciting next steps and the bop (produced by Rocky) in an exclusive quote. “I chose ‘Sex On The Beach’ as the debut single because I felt it introduced the project perfectly – not only because of title of the song, which is clearly very tropical but sonically it’s got this beach, trop-pop thing, and I’m so excited about it. My brother, Rocky, absolutely nailed the production on this.” The crooner also opened up about the equally eye-catching video, which co-stars fiancé Savannah Latimer. “I co-directed the video with my cousin Gordy De St. Jeor,” he explained.

“We’re both very involved with the behind the camera work – last year we did a whole short film together and our collaborations just seem to flow perfectly.” That’s not all. He promised that there was “lots more to come too!” And it all starts tomorrow (August 23) with the song’s official debut. But here’s the best part. We’re proud to partner with Riker to bring you a first listen to “Sex On The Beach.” Press play and check out the video one day early below.

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